Community Post: 20 Reasons The Mumbai LGBT Pride Parade Was Fabulous

2. The many support groups who proudly held banners for the occasion

3. The awesome speakers who warmed up the crowd

4. The rainbow balloon snake that caught everyone’s attention

…as if the hordes of chanting rainbow coloured people weren’t enough to turn heads

5. When the march stopped and everyone broke out in spontaneous dance

6. This fantastic man who made sure the message was heard loud and clear

7. When the rainbow balloon snake became a glorious multicoloured tangle

8. This giant flag waving freely

9. …and when everybody danced underneath it

10. These fabulous, creative costumes

11. When the balloons were set free

12. …but some didn’t want to fly away

14. This hug inside a rainbow flag

15. When everybody wore these stickers on their backs

18. So many people proudly advocating the right to sexual freedom

19. These creative homemade t-shirts

20. …and this one speaks for itself 😉

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