Some Dudes Have Hidden $10K In Fleshlights And Put Them All Around LA

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By now, you’re probably familiar with the YouTube channel Simple Pickup (the geniuses that brought us the fat suit pranks and the child-aided pickup video).

Its newest endeavor is unique, to say the least.

The gang was approached by Fleshlight, the company behind the male masturbation sleeve, to make a promotional video to the tune of $10,000.

Instead of using that cash to foot production costs, the guys bought 200 of the rubber vaginas, stuffed money into each of them (up to $100), and hid the toys all around LA.

The goal? A city-wide scavenger hunt.

Simple Pickup is posting clues to the whereabouts of the cash-filled Fleshlights on its Facebook and Twitter accounts (appropriately using the hashtag #Fleshcash).

And for every 100,000 views on the first clue video, Simple Pickup will hide a bonus rubber vagina somewhere in the City of Angels — this one stuffed with a crisp hundo. All locations will be revealed on Oct. 25.

So, if you reside in LA, get to work huntin’ for those hoochies.

H/T: Daily Dot

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