X Factor Winner Leon Jackson Definitely Doesn’t Look Like He Used To…

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If you’re an avid X Factor viewer, or if you watched it earlier on in its life but gave up on it after they dragged it out for years, you’ll remember Leon Jackson.

Or, alternatively, his name and picture look vaguely familiar to you. Well, you might not remember him now, but he hit number 1 back in the day – 2007, that is.

He had one more top five single after that, and then in true X-Factor-Winner style, he completely vanished.

He might not have been battling on the UK charts, but he hasbattled his spiky hair. And won.Along with the waistcoat, which luckily is also nowhere to be seen. He’s undergone somewhat of a transformation having moves to Los Angeles.

Red wine & Ladies Hats @andazweho

A photo posted by Leon Jackson (@leonjacksonmusic) on Oct 26, 2015 at 5:52am PDT

Yeah, seriously. He has really committed to the whole ‘makeover’ thing.

With the talented @jonilmusic

A photo posted by Leon Jackson (@leonjacksonmusic) on Oct 17, 2015 at 5:45am PDT

Leon was dropped by Simon Cowell’s label two years after winning the X Factor, he then decided he needed toto consolidate and make sense of everything Ive experienced.

He moved across the pond, and has been performing there after learning how to play the piano and guitar.

We’re excited to see his future musical endevours. Also, his future posts to instagram. No shame.

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